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Social Media Today: Facebook's Changing the Way Page Reach is Displayed, Which Could See Your Numbers Drop

Hey, remember how Facebook announced that they would be changing how the News Feed works which would likely result in a drop in your Page reach? Turns out that’s not the only measure that could see your reach decline – this week, Facebook has confirmed another change, this time to their reporting methodology, which could also result in you seeing fewer impressions....

Simply Measured: What Social Marketers Should Do Differently on Social in 2018

It’s a new year, which means a lot of social marketers and brands are focused on transformation... Here’s what I learned from looking back at social media activities, engagement, and conversions in 2017—and how I’m going to make a bigger impact with these learnings in 2018...

Facebook Ads Cost in 2018 - The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Ad Bidding

After reading this article, you’ll have a much better overview of Facebook ads cost in 2018, including the answers to questions:

  • How much you should pay for a Facebook ad click?
  • Which Facebook ad placements have the lowest costs?
  • How to keep down your overall cost of Facebook ads?

Instead of saying you’re 100% guaranteed to know everything about Facebook advertising costs reading this article, we’ll say this: we did the best we could. Pinkie promise.

Why Instagram Contests Rule - and How to Play by the Rules [Infographic]

Instagram contests can be a great way to increase brand awareness, and boost your following, while also providing you with UGC that you can use in other campaign elements and marketing efforts. 

But just like parent company Facebook, Instagram does have a range of rules and regulations around their on-platform contests, which brands need to follow to avoid potential penalty.