The following is a directory of highly recommended specialists for which I personally refer based on my standards of work. If I cannot take on your project at this time or I do not offer the service you require, anyone on this list of highly talented individuals will get the job done right and on time. Scouts honour. 🏅

Branding Specialist & Graphic Design


Kyle Shields
"I am an art director based out of Toronto, Canada, trained as a multidisciplinary designer. No project is the same, therefore no solution should be the same. I work with clients to identify challenges/opportunities and tailor my approach to reflect their specific needs."

* Having met in university, I have watched Kyle's - along with his work - grow and develop into the mastermind he is. He specializes in corporate logos as creative direction. 



Anna O’Byrne

"Clients appreciate that my service is personal, and every piece of content is entirely crafted by me. My reputation is made one client at a time and I guard that carefully.
When you work with me, you get the expertise of a senior writer and consultant at an agency, with more transparency on pricing and authorship."

* Anna O'Byrne splits the half way mark between the professionalism and standard of agency work with the personal touch of a freelancer. Anna will help your brand get to the core of what it really wants to say!

Influencer Marketing


Marta Tryshak 
"Since launching in 2008, which has become one of Canada’s first and most reputable women’s lifestyle blogs, Tryshak has established herself as a pioneering digital influencer with one of the most trusted social media followings in the country."

* As not only a mentor but a friend, Marta Tryshak is a powerhouse when it comes to devising a content strategy and her valuable (real) following will help you reach a genuine audience that is actually listening!