"I don't have to micromanage or ask what she's working on because the chances are, she's already completed the task before I've told her to!"  - Marta Tryshak, WithLoveGabrielle.com

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My Social Media Toolbox

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TrelloTrello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards. In one glance, Trello tells you what's being worked on, who's working on what, and where something is in a process. I have my boards sorted into Meeting Notes, Ideas, Drafts and To Publish. Excellent place to store and plan while relieving your desktop of it's normal mess.

Moleskine - There's nothing better than good old pen and paper. Because I'm the creative type I either get blank pages or grid pages in order to be able to doodle as well. Now any old sketchbook or notebook will do but I just loooove the cream colored pages in Moleskine notebooks and the way black ink looks against them. I often have a plethora of "To-Do" lists within in my notebooks that I love to check off. Writing things down has been proven to improve memory and understanding. 

Google Calendar - I quickly realized I don't have my walking calendar at all times (my boyfriend), so it's best to keep track of all those meetings and due dates with Google Calendar. You can send meeting invites in a flash on your phone app and even divide up your calendars into colors to breakdown what is personal and what is work related. 



Hootsuite - Hootsuite is a pretty standard method of scheduling for anyone who works in social media. I have also heard Buffer and Sprout Social word just a great, but I'm a creature of habit and Hootsuite is what I've always used and very easy. You can even add clients and team members so they can view the upcoming scheduled posts which bypasses the making of a social media calendar.

Trello - Trello won't self publish, but it can send alerts. I find Trello good for Instagram posts because it's visual and easy to copy and paste. I also have a board for each client's #Hashtags which makes it easy to copy and paste without worry.

Plann - Plann is good for scheduling Instagram posts and also Plann...ing them. It imports your current Instagram Feed and allows you to upload your next post to A) See how to flows with the rest of the feed and B) Input a time for publish, the copy and it also separate storage for hashtags lists. It's really only good for using yourself as it can't rotate between accounts, but helpful just the same!


Adobe Photoshop CS6 - This may not be for everyone, but I also offer creative services such as design and illustration. I think having design experience should be part of a social media marketer's skill set but that's because I like to save time on the number of people projects have to go through to get finished (Note: a matter of efficiency)! Adobe Photoshop is great for design services.

Canva - Design not on your resume? No worries! Canva is the Squarespace of the Graphic Design world. Making good design easy for everyone. When I'm not being contracted for graphic design I'll turn to Canva for Social Media Design templates that are already aesthetically pleasing and sized properly. Great for quotes, gifs, event headers and cover photos. Quick and easy to use. 

PinterestEveryone needs an inspiration board! Not only is Pinterest great for sourcing content, it's an amazing place to boost your creativity. Organize mood boards for clients or even ask client's to make their own mood boards to give you a better direction of what they're looking for. Just remember, don't edit Pinterest images without consent from the original content owner.


Google Analytics - If you're in marketing, you should know how to use Google Analytics by now. It is of great value to be able to show a client how much traffics that you are driving to their site through social media efforts and also conversion rates.  There is just limitless information you are given from GA - Referrals Sources, Demographics, Funnel Visualization, Keyword Research and that's just naming a few of hundreds. GA allows you to make informed decisions based on the data it provides.

Cyfe - Cyfe is kind of like if Google Analytics and Sprout Social had a baby (and not a pretty one). It looks a little old school but if you're just starting out or are a Freelancer it is incredibly affordable and customizable. You can create your own dashboards of analytics for each individual client that can track and integrate everything from Google Analytics and Social Media Analytics to Mailchimp (E-Marketing Campaigns), and Paid Campaigns. $19.99USD a month for unlimited profiles, team members and customized dashboards.  You can also schedule reports to go out at varying times through e-mail and it allows white labelling.

Everyone's Toolbox is a little different. I like to think that it's mainly because Social Media Careers can be very broad or quite niche. Not one service can solve every problem,  and there is a 100 tools for every problem! Most times the tools we choose are personal preference and fit the job we need to get done. But it's all about what works for you.

What's in your Social Media Toolbox?

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