Streamlining Your Onboarding Process: A Course for Social Media Freelancers


Are you a Social Media Freelancer? One of the most common questions I find freelancers ask after acquiring a new client is "What's next?"

In this series, Students will learn Step-by-Step what documents should be included in their onboarding procedures, when to send them and how to templatize them so that they can work smarter and not harder at the beginning of a new client relationship. 

This class is geared towards Social Media Freelancers and Consultants who feel a little lost or disorganized after acquiring a new client, or who spend hours creating proposals and contracts with each new lead or client. 

Included is 7 to-the-point tutorial videos totalling 15 minutes for a quick learning experience and 5 Templates and Contracts to help you expedite the creation of your onboarding documents. These templates & contracts are valued at over $450, but I’m offering them at the current price of $39.99 because I know how hard it is when you’re first starting out. Additionally, you guys get an exclusive 50% off which means the course and contracts are only $25!

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